More and more nepalese employees in restaurants in Romania: “For them here is El Dorado”

If Romanian workers are no longer available, more and more employers turn to those from poor countries, such as Nepal, Sri Lanka and the Philippines.

Because they are very hardworking, the Nepalese are employed especially in tourism. So don’t be surprised if you meet them in hotels and restaurants. Their countries are facing the same phenomenon that Romania went through 15-20 years ago, when our people massively left for Spain, Italy, England or Germany, for a better life.

Hardworking and always with a smile on their face. This is how colleagues describe the workers in Nepal. Sange Sherpa is 36 years old and is a cook’s helper. He left his wife and three children at home. For him, Romania means the chance to ensure a better life for his loved ones.

He came to a country with a totally different culture from the one at home, but he adapted.

Sange Sherpa: “The food is different. I like my food.”

Iosif Stefanescu, master chef: “My turn, in ’97, I went through this. I went to Germany for a better life, my little girl was 6 weeks old at the time. That experience was good for me, because I babysat him a little. I showed them where to stay, public transport.”

On his days off, Sanghe visits Bucharest. He doesn’t go shopping, because he sends home almost all the money he earns.

Sanghe has two other friends who work at a restaurant in a mall. Maesh is 33 years old, married and has two children. He has already learned a few words in Romanian.

“I like charms. We make burgers. We have lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes. I put bread,” he says.

His brother is free and welcomed us in the room where they both live, in Romania.

“This is my bed, this is my brother’s bed. Here is the kitchen”, he describes the house.

Three other Nepalese arrived in Romania two days ago. They will cook for a supermarket chain from Bucharest.

“Before coming here I got married. I have family in Nepal. Wife, sister, parents, grandparents. They all live in the same house”, says the man.

“It’s better than I expected. She is my wife. We came here together”, says another Nepali.

These people earn around 200 dollars a month in Nepal. In Romania, their salary is 3-4 times higher. The state obliges employers to offer unskilled workers the average wage in the economy. The employers are willing to give them, in some cases, higher salaries than the Romanians, because in the last two years it was difficult for them to find serious staff.

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