Asian staff recruitment in coffee shops / bars

JR recruitment offers you asian personal recruitment services in coffee shops / bars, to cover the needs of employers with asian workforce.

Asian workers are the quick solution to the problem of staff shortages for HORECA companies, for example.

The more time you spend recruiting candidates for a job, the more your company will suffer. Every job that remains unoccupied also means financial losses.

Skill, seriousness and professionalism. These are the most important qualities demonstrated by Asian workers for cafes or bars, throughout their contracts with Romanian employers.

We provide assistance and support throughout the entire recruitment and placement process.

If you are looking for bartenders, waiters, waiter help, we recommend that you take seriously the option of bringing them from Asia. They are serious, efficient, meticulous and, most importantly, appreciate and respect the job offered.

In the HoReCa field, there are many vacancies, and most of the astiatians already working in Romania have proven to be very serious and respectful. They already have a strong community in our country and are appreciated for the special way they interact with people.

JR Recruitment intermediates the finding of qualified personnel from Vietnam or other Asian countries, Sri Lanka, Indonesia for restaurants, confectioneries, cafes, bars, where the need for personnel is accentuated.

Why choose our agency?

– we guarantee the free replacement of the human resource if it does not fit the working environment
– we provide a dedicated consultant
– we choose the best candidates because
– we go personally to Asia
– we solve all formalities quickly

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